Custom Paver Stone Yard & Walkway Downtown Sacramento

Belgard Catalina Custom Paver Stone Yard & Walkway in Downtown Sacramento

Think your front yard is too small for custom paver stones to make a difference?

Think again.

Despite its smaller size, this quaint Victorian home in Downtown Sacramento gets a freshened-up look from a beautiful paver stone walkway.

By matching the hue of the custom paver stones to the other elements of the house, the modern layout of the walkway frames and fits the vintage design of the architecture.

Designed to match the paver stones in the backyard, this attractive walkway completes the overall design of the home, creating a consistent color and texture theme all the way around the property.

Big Style for Small Outdoor Spaces

The front yard is small, so the accents of the Catalina Grana border stones and the Anglia Edger stones in the color Charcoal are all the much more emphatic and really make the landscape pop.

The heart of the walkway is paved in Catalina Grana paver stones in the luxurious Riviera finish.

The edger stones around the lawn area serve a double purpose of form and function.

Not only do they prevent lawn and weeds from growing onto the sidewalk, but they also provide a subtle barrier between your cozy home and the hustle and bustle of the city streets; this is especially true in this Downtown Sacramento location.

A Case for a Custom Paver Stone Walkway

Why bother updating your walkway, you ask? Doesn’t a plain, old concrete sidewalk do the job?

Yes, technically.

Technically a bathrobe also does the job of clothing you, but you would hardly wear one out and about. It certainly wouldn’t impress anybody or look very flattering on you.

By caring for the design of your front landscape, your yard is dressed to impress.

Details like a paver stone walkway add an element of style and luxury to an otherwise plain or small yard.

In this Downtown Sacramento home, the custom paver stone walkway actually makes the small yard look bigger by breaking up the lawn into different spatial elements.

The walkway draws your eye up to the door and organizes the other components, like flowerbeds, planters, or shrubs. It creates a path that invites and welcomes your guests in for a visit to your beautiful home.

Function and Form

Aside from their beauty, paver stones are a fantastic, functional choice.

Paver stone walkways are built to last and do not crack or chip as easily as concrete.

They stay cool enough to walk on barefoot in the hot Sacramento summer weather, yet they have enough texture to prevent you from slipping.

This makes a paver stone walkway an excellent choice for those with mobility concerns. Your walkway will maintain its beauty for a lifetime.

Would you like to see a custom paver stone walkway in your front yard? Get inspiration from our photo gallery and choose a design.

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