4 Types of Paver Stone Applications

4 Types of Paver Stone Applications - Sacramento, CA We specialize in Concrete Pavers Sacramento, Paving Slabs, Grass/ Concrete Grids and Paver Stones Four Types of Paving Stones There are four generalized types of paving options available. Each one is unique and has different benefits, but all can be equally functional and beautiful in the [...]

Tandem Block Walls

Versatility in Tandem Block Walls Tandem Block Walls from The Paver Company are the perfect combination of beauty, durability, and versatility. Due to their unique structure and design, Tandem Block Walls can be used for many different purposes. If you are looking for the perfect retaining walls, privacy walls, sitting walls, or even decorative walls, [...]

Modular Outdoor Kitchens Sacramento

Modular Outdoor Kitchens Greater Sacramento, CA Stunning Modular Outdoor Kitchens and Fireplaces with Stones What is an outdoor modular kitchen or fireplace? Let’s look at the different ways that outdoor kitchens and fireplaces can be constructed. The traditional method of building outdoor kitchens and fireplaces is from scratch, with masonry. The builders actually have to [...]

How Long do Stone Pavers Last

How Long do Stone Pavers Last (Stone Pavers Lifecyle) General Lifecyle and Longevity of Paving Stones in Sacramento Weather? One of the things many customers ask us when considering paving an area with stone pavers is how long those stone pavers are going to last. The answer is that they are designed to last forever. [...]

Benefits of Pool Deck Pavers Sacramento

Benefits of Pool Deck Pavers in the Sacramento Heat Stay cool from the Sacramento Weather with Pool Deck Pavers from The Paver Company Concrete is the standard kind of pool deck that is often installed with a new swimming pool, but concrete pool decks often unfortunately tend to crack and become unsightly. If you are [...]

Stone Pavers Vs. Concrete

Stone Pavers and Paving Stones Vs. Stamped Concrete Stone Pavers Vs. Concrete (benefits of paver stones) Choosing Between Pavers and Stamped Concrete? If you are thinking about putting in a patio or deck, or redoing your driveway or walkways, you are probably thinking about the debate between stone pavers vs concrete and wondering which will [...]

Paver Stone Color Options

Paver Stone Color and Pattern Options    Paver Stone Color, Pattern and Design Options One of the questions that many clients have when they come to Paver Stones Sacramento is what color options are available for their paver stones. We have a wide range of paver stone colors available, and we can make sure that [...]

Paver Stone Patterns

Paver Stone Patterns and Pattern Options Paver Stone Patterns from The Paver Company Sacramento When installing paver stones at your Sacramento, CA home, there is a huge variety of paver stone patterns and layouts that you can choose from to create exactly the look you want. Paver stones are simply little blocks of stone that [...]

Pavers Sacramento

Pavers and Paver Stones in Sacramento Pavers Sacramento (Hundreds of Options and Colors) There is no more wonderful way to enjoy the out of doors at your Sacramento, CA home than with a patio or walkway to bring you to nature in comfort and style, and with pavers from Paver Stones Sacramento, you can have [...]