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Custom Paver Stone Backyard Built to Impress in Roseville

Custom Paver Stone Backyard Built to Impress in Roseville This West Sacramento home was upgraded to a beautiful, custom-designed paver stone backyard and patio with artificial turf installation in the backyard. Built with the flawless Belgard Catalina Grana throughout and the Belgard Weston Wall in Victoria, this West Sacramento home was created with artistic design [...]

Custom Belgard Cambridge Paver Stone Entry and Walkway in Placerville

Custom Belgard Cambridge Paver Stone Entryway, Walkway & Backyard in Placerville When we say we can design custom paver stone backyards and walkways to meet the needs of your unique space, we are serious. Whether your desire is for increased beauty or function, we are happy to create a custom paver stone backyard just for [...]

Custom Paver Stone Backyard in Rosemont, Sacramento

Custom Paver Stone Backyard Reimagined for These Rosemont, California Homeowners This custom paver stone backyard was designed to impress in this beautiful Sacramento home. Lined with 940 sq. ft. of custom pavers and 50 sq. ft. artificial turf installation, this backyard flawlessly showcases the Basalite Mission Permeable Paver system. This paver stone system was built [...]

Custom Paver Stone Driveway & Walkway in Helena, CA

Custom Paver Stone Driveway & Walkway in the Lovely Area of Helena The Sacramento area hosts numerous beauties: mild winters, diversity and cultural richness, and tree-lined, historic neighborhoods. This gem of a city is not without its dangers, however, not the least of which is the devastating earthquakes. This lovely St. Helena, CA home was [...]

Custom Paver Stone Front Yard Design in Sacramento

Custom Paver Stone Front Yard and Artificial Turf Designed for Homeowners in the Sacramento area Most people have seen artificial turf installations on football fields, parks, putting greens, or other commercial applications. What they don’t realize is that there are many reasons to utilize synthetic turf in a residential lawn too. This Sacramento home was [...]

Custom Paver Stone Yard & Walkway Downtown Sacramento

Belgard Catalina Custom Paver Stone Yard & Walkway in Downtown Sacramento Think your front yard is too small for custom paver stones to make a difference? Think again. Despite its smaller size, this quaint Victorian home in Downtown Sacramento gets a freshened-up look from a beautiful paver stone walkway. By matching the hue of the [...]

Driveway Walkway Install Roseville, CA

Paver Stone Driveway and Walkway Install Roseville, CA Custom Driveway and Walkway Design and Installation in Roseville, CA Looking to install a driveway walkway at your home? Then The Paver Company is the place to come! We specialize in patio installation, driveway installation, and walkway installation, and have done so for years. We are the [...]

Paver Stone Grid Driveways

Paver Stone Grid Driveways Paver Stone Grid Driveways, Eco Friendly Driveway Sacramento, CA Paver stone grid driveways are an easy way to dramatically increase the adverse ecological effect you have on the environment and make your home more beautiful at the same time. Paver stone grid driveways reduce runoff, decrease the summer effect of concrete [...]

Paving Stone Fire Pit in Roseville

Circular Paver Stone Fire Pit Design in Roseville, CA Could your landscape design use some updating with Paver Stones? If you are looking to add in a landscape element that is low-maintenance, and will not lose its beauty over time, we have exactly the solution for you at The Paver Company. Paving stones are an [...]

Custom Driveway Pavers El Dorado Hills

Custom Driveway Paver Stones El Dorado Hills We specialize in a wide range of Driveway Paver Stone Installation Projects in El Dorado Hills, CA If you are looking for custom driveway pavers in El Dorado Hills, you have come to the right place at The Paver Company! We specialize in making custom driveway pavers, which [...]