Concrete Block Retaining Walls for Privacy


Concrete block retaining walls are great for double duty installations as retaining walls and privacy walls

We often think of retaining walls as basically being only the height of the ground that is cut away. So if the upper terrace is two feet higher than the lower terrace, it is fairly standard to have the retaining wall also be two feet high. But in fact, there is no rule that retaining walls need to be the same height as the terrace. You can have a concrete block retaining wall that is eight feet high and also functions as a privacy wall. This design reduces erosion while also giving you private, intimate spaces in your own back yard.

Privacy Walls for Intimate Spaces


Privacy walls help to create intimate spaces. The problem with outdoor decorating is simply that it is so wide open. It is hard to create a cohesive space with design elements when the space can’t be separated off from the rest of the yard. It is even harder when the yard itself isn’t separated off from the rest of the world with a fence or wall.

Privacy walls can help to create comforting, intimate spaces. You don’t have to wall in a secret garden. One wall can be enough to create enough coziness for an outdoor living room space, especially if you line it on the other sides with some potted plants or a step down to another terrace in your patio.

As humans, we feel safest in enclosed areas. Wide open areas feel free and liberating, but rooms feel cozy and safe. To create a comforting outdoor area for you to enjoy in your backyard, you can use textured concrete blocks to give a cozy atmosphere.

How to Create an Intimate Space


When designing an intimate outdoor space, it is important to look at the different materials you are using. Too much of one kind of material will cause it to feel unbalanced and therefore less inviting. Wood creates warmth. Stone gives solidity and permanence. If your whole patio design is stone and it does not incorporate any wood, it will feel cold and harsh. If your whole patio design is wood and there is no pavement, stone, or brick, it won’t feel solid enough. Balance these two building materials to create an outdoor kitchen or outdoor living room that is maximally comforting and beautiful.

To really get the most out of your outdoor area, use all of the traditional elements: earth, air, fire, and water. Your plants, stones, and wood are the earth, and the fresh air is all around you when you are outside. Fire brings people together all year round, whether you have a fire pit in the middle of a conversation circle or an outdoor fireplace with patio couches and arm chairs around it. Water helps to give the space a clean, fresh feel. You can incorporate water with a fish pond, or a little fountain. In a very non-alchemical way, having all these elements present in your outdoor design will give you a patio or back yard where you will love to relax and your guests will love to spend time.