Custom Belgard Cambridge Paver Stone Entry and Walkway in Placerville

Custom Belgard Cambridge Paver Stone Entryway, Walkway & Backyard in Placerville

When we say we can design custom paver stone backyards and walkways to meet the needs of your unique space, we are serious.

Whether your desire is for increased beauty or function, we are happy to create a custom paver stone backyard just for you.

Not to mention, this paving stone system is built to last through every season with proper paver stone care and maintenance.

A Custom Paver Stone Entryway & Walkway For Easy Mobility

Custom Belgard Cambridge Paver Stone Entry and Walkway in Placerville

For this Placerville, CA home, we installed 330 sq. ft of custom paver stone entryway to accommodate the unique vision and needs of the homeowner.

As homeowners age, problems with mobility often arise.

Many small, easy adjustments can be made to make mobility issues less of a barrier to independently enjoying outdoor spaces.

For this project, we began by demolishing the original, high-entry steps and replacing them with a lower paver stone entry.

This small change alone can make a big impact on a homeowner or guest strolling through the garden with a cane or a walker; it can mean the difference between a stressful ordeal that erodes a sense of independence or a pleasurable walk with confidence.

A Beautiful Garden Merits a Beautiful Walkway

Custom Belgard Cambridge Paver Stone Entry and Walkway in Placerville

The installation also includes a Belgard Cambridge Cobble in the color Barcelona for the 250 sq. ft. of ramped walkways.

This gradually sloping footpath leads you down to soak in the greenery of the shrubs and foliage, flanked by unique edging stones, then on for a calm morning chat with a friend over breakfast on the patio or for a swing next to your sweetheart.

The gentle incline up the slope of the custom paver stone entry and walkway is gradual enough for any guest to enjoy.

The walkways are punctuated by two low Belgard bullnose and Victorian steps, with a beautiful Belgard sitting wall with Weston Universal and Victorian stone.

The sitting wall adds an element of height and prevents erosion from the steeper lawn section above.

The curvature of the custom paver stone walkway creates organic lines and divisions of the lawn space, showcasing each bush, tree, sitting space, and flowerbed.

The Barcelona color looks natural but stylish against the greenery of the garden plants. A beautiful garden merits an equally beautiful paver stone walkway to lead you through it.

Paver Stones – A Great Choice Functionally and Financially

Custom Belgard Cambridge Paver Stone Entry and Walkway in Placerville

Aside from their beauty, paver stones are a fantastic purchase, both functionally and financially.

Paver stones stay cooler than concrete in the heat of Sacramento summers, and they resist weathering or breaking in the chill of winter.

The added texture offered by a custom paver stone walkway prevents slipping – yet another reason for those with limited mobility to choose paver stones for their backyards. Individual paver stones are easy and inexpensive to replace and require no patching.

Your custom paver stone backyard is designed and built for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Would a ramped paver stone walkway or low-height paver stone entry make your backyard more accessible and enjoyable for you or your loved one?

Give us a call today or go online for a free quote. You may be surprised how little adjustments can make a big difference in the function and style of your backyard.