Custom Paver Stone Backyard Built to Impress in Roseville

This West Sacramento home was upgraded to a beautiful, custom-designed paver stone backyard and patio with artificial turf installation in the backyard.

Built with the flawless Belgard Catalina Grana throughout and the Belgard Weston Wall in Victoria, this West Sacramento home was created with artistic design mind.

Custom Paver Stone Backyard Design

A custom paver stone patio provides the perfect backdrop for hosting outdoor get-togethers.

It serves the function of creating level space for tables, chairs, and grills while offering a subtle element of unique style and charm to space.

Take the artistry of the paver stone patio up to the next level by adding inlays, sitting walls, an outdoor bar or kitchen, or a fire pit.

What better way to showcase and organize the different artistic elements of your garden than with a modern paver stone walkway!

As much a part of the yard as the flowers and trees, a paver stone walkway can be matched to complement the color and texture elements of your yard and home.

The stylish pathway also leads the eyes and feet of your guests through space so they can enjoy each flower bed and planter box.

This home features the contemporary, clean lines of Catalina Grana paver stones, as well as 3/8” California Gold Deco Rock.

This combination of sandy colors and textures evoke a desert theme and perfectly suit this West Sacramento home.

Luxurious, Functional Artificial Turf

To complement the paver stone walkway and patio, these homeowners have added artificial turf installation to complete their low-maintenance, elegant backyard.

The main reason homeowners choose artificial turf is usually its low maintenance profile.

Artificial grass is nearly maintenance free.

It doesn’t require the tedious, time-consuming chores of mowing or edging, and it stays green in the onerous heat of Sacramento summer and in the dead of winter.

You can get rid of your mower and edger, freeing up extra space in the garage.

With less money spent on watering your grass, you will have extra cash to buy burgers and watermelon for your next backyard BBQ.

Synthetic Grass Can Withstand Heavy Use

With synthetic turf, there are no bugs, moles, or bare spots either.

Imperial Rye 90 Synthetic Turf comes with an 18-year residential warranty and is specifically designed to withstand heavy traffic from children, guests, and pets.

It approximates the darker color of natural ryegrass.

It is even safe for pets! This lawn features ZEOFill infill: small crumbles of a natural material designed to lock in ammonia from pet urine, neutralizing foul odors.

Infill also keeps the artificial grass blades standing upright so they do not get flattened or matted down over time.

Infill also protects the backing from harmful UV rays.

Endless Options for Enduring Style

At The Paver Company, we offer paver stones in a rainbow of colors and in dozens of sizes and designs.

We can definitely find an option that will complement the color and texture of your home and yard.

We also offer different varieties of artificial turf; living grass isn’t all one color, and there are synthetic options that resemble many different colors and species of grass, as well as different grades meant for light to heavy traffic.

We can design the perfect paver stone walkway with artificial turf installation for your yard and budget.