Custom Paver Stone Backyard Designed and Built in Carmichael

Custom Paver Stone Backyard Designed and Built for Carmichael Home

This custom paver stone backyard was built to impress in this luxurious Carmichael, CA home.

With so many stylish details, this landscape was clearly designed to be shared and enjoyed with distinguished guests.

Perfect for a pool party or an outdoor gathering, this poolside deck and patio are begging to be the venue for your next soiree.

Upgrade to a Custom Paver Stone Backyard

Custom Paver Stone Backyard Designed and Built in Carmichael

Installing custom paver stones changes a nice, quaint patio into a stunning work of art.

A concrete pool deck or patio can never convey this degree of style and class.

From the poolside deck to the patio, the light, sandy Belgard Catalina Grana paver stones in Aspen create a comprehensive theme to the landscape.

The darker inlay of Cambridge Cobble in Autumn contrasts with the Aspen stones beautifully.

However, the crowning feature of this paver patio area is certainly the Belgard Cambridge Cobble Circle Kit in Victorian.

The inlaid medallion creates a focal point for the entire yard.

The addition of a medallion allows the homeowner to put his or her signature seal on the design, infusing the area with a personal, classic touch.

Deluxe Features add Elegance

Custom Paver Stone Backyard Designed and Built in Carmichael

This landscape features many extra touches, not the least of which is the paver stone retaining wall.

The paver stone retaining wall in Shelton Wall and Cap in Autumn adds height and emphasis on the crystal-clear pool beneath and coordinates nicely with the other paver stones in the landscape.

The stone wall draws your attention to the pool and frames it elegantly.

The total effect of all the subtle yet extravagant details is striking. Individually, a medallion in the patio or a paver stone walkway instead of a concrete one or a retaining wall behind the pool wouldn’t appear to make a difference in the overall feel of a backyard.

But as evidenced by this Sacramento-area home, the combination of each element produces a stunning effect — a stylish, well-planned, inviting space, brimming with the personality of the owner and full of potential for hosting memorable events.

Enduring Style

Custom Paver Stone Backyard Designed and Built in Carmichael

A custom paver stone backyard of this scope and size is hardly a small investment of time and money.

As such, you want to make sure your investment pays you dividends for years to come.

Custom paving stones are a great choice for homeowners focused on longevity and durability. Paver stones are built to withstand heavy traffic from pool goers, pets, and children.

Unlike concrete, they are resistant to heaving from frosts and earthquakes, which increases their endurance. Cracked, chipped, or stained stones are easily and individually replaced without any patching.

A Yard Dressed to Impress

Custom Paver Stone Backyard Designed and Built in Carmichael

This homeowner has many warm summer nights of poolside parties to look forward to, along with cool autumn mornings enjoying nature over breakfast al fresco with a sweetheart.

An opulent outdoor space, such as this paver stone patio with poolside deck, is meant to be shared.

The possibilities are endless.

And, because you can trust in the longevity and durability of custom paver stonework from The Paver Company, the festivities aren’t stopping anytime soon!