Custom Paver Stone Backyard, Patio, and Steps Designed for these Fair Oaks Homeowners

This custom paver stone backyard was designed to impress in this beautiful Fair Oaks, CA home.

Lined with 400 sq. ft. of custom pavers in the backyard, patio, and steps, this paver patio area extends the seating and hosting space from the deck to a shady, lower part of the yard that might otherwise go unused and unappreciated.

Rustic Yet Contemporary Style

These paver stone steps and walkway showcase the Basalite Artisan Slate paver stones in Positano.

The squares and rectangles create a classy, contemporary feel, while the rough edges add a rustic flair and create additional texture and visual interest.

Maximizing the Usable Space

The application of paver stones ranges from the mundane to the spectacular, and from huge areas to small, intimate spaces.

The best part is they can be easily customized to the individual nuances of any yard or space.

Meeting the demands of this particular area, the paver stone walkway and steps are juxtaposed by a low sitting and retaining wall, transforming an awkward gap between the deck and the rest of the lawn into a purposeful design element of the backyard.

The estate wall extends from the deck all the way along the rest of the fence, moving the focus beyond the seating area and completing the cohesive design of the space.

The Basalite Ashlar Estate Wall also extends the seating area of the deck beside it, creating the perfect spot for the kids-only table during a backyard BBQ.

It’s close enough for adult supervision from the deck, but separate enough for the kids to have their own, no-grown-ups-allowed space for burgers and watermelon.

A Functional and Beautiful Retaining Wall

In addition to providing a cozy place to sit and enjoy the garden, paver stone retaining walls also serve a very subtle, yet important function – they prevent erosion from the lawn above it.

Erosion isn’t just a concern for geologists and environmentalists. It happens in your own backyard.

Unchecked, runoff from rains can eventually turn a slope into a mess at best and a drainage or foundation problem at worst.

If you have a patio or deck in the lowest part of your lawn, installing a retaining wall to prevent rain storms from relocating your sod to beneath your deck is essential.

Paver stone retaining walls can be straight or curved to contour the hills and slopes in your yard, and they come in a variety of heights, colors, and textures.

Installing a retaining wall ensures that your lawn stays right where it should.

Suited to Your Taste

Whether your taste is rugged and rustic, like the Basalite Ashlar Estate Wall in Positano featured in this Sacramento-area home, or modern and contemporary, The Paver Company has color, texture, and style options to fit your taste and budget.

Browse through our paver stone project gallery of beautiful outdoor hardscapes for inspiration for your dream paver stone backyard.

Do you have a hard-to-pave space like this homeowner?

Give us a call, and let us help you optimize the space in your yard for maximum enjoyment.