Custom Paver Stone Backyard Reimagined for These Rosemont, California Homeowners

Custom Paver Stone Backyard Reimagined for These Rosemont, California Homeowners

This custom paver stone backyard was designed to impress in this beautiful Sacramento home.

Lined with 940 sq. ft. of custom pavers and 50 sq. ft. artificial turf installation, this backyard flawlessly showcases the Basalite Mission Permeable Paver system.

This paver stone system was built for year-round “green” subsoil absorption that can be used for any yard or patio area.

The Eco-friendly Gravel and Paver Stone System

Paver stone walkways and patios can be installed directly over dirt, concrete, or gravel.

While gravel is the most time-intensive installation of the three, it comes with some marked benefits.

Installing paver stone areas over gravel allows for better drainage of rain and excess water, allowing the subsoil to absorb more of it.

This drainage system benefits not only the homeowner (who will enjoy fewer soggy puddles on the lawn after a heavy storm) but the plants around the paver stones and the soil beneath the lawn as well.

Surrounding plants will benefit from the added water retention in the gravel and soil under the paver stones.

This more natural system of water retention also benefits the microcosmic ecosystem thriving in the subsoil, unnoticed beneath your feet!

The permeable paver stones and gravel filter the runoff water before it hits the subsoil and water table, so the water that comes from your lawn is cleaner and more beneficial to the ecosystem.

A Little Extra Effort is Well Worth It

Custom Paver Stone Backyard Reimagined for These Rosemont, California Homeowners

For this custom paver stone installation, we excavated a 3% grade to accommodate the standard ¾” drain rock for the gravel bed prior to installing the paver stones.

The paver stone backyard features 375 sq. ft. of custom-ordered 80 mm Basalite Mission permeable paving stones in the colors tan, red, and char.

The excavation took a little extra effort, but the benefit to the homeowner and the surrounding ecosystem was well worth it.

The Benefits of Artificial Turf Installation

This yard also features 50 sq. ft. of artificial turf installation between the patio and paver stone areas.

The vibrant green adds a pop of color to the subdued tones of the paver stone backyard.

Synthetic turf is a great choice for small spaces like these that are hardly worth the trouble of mowing, weeding, and watering by themselves, as well as for shady or heavy traffic areas where it is hard to keep grass alive.

This homeowner can enjoy plush, green grass year round with none of the maintenance requirements.

Aside from being virtually maintenance free, the synthetic turf serves another purpose for this Sacramento home. When pets need to do their business outdoors, typically a living lawn absorbs and neutralizes most of the unpleasant odor.

Many people do not realize that with the right infill, artificial turf can handle the same job!

The Imperial Rye-69 in this artificial turf installation is equipped with pet-deodorizing infill, which binds to the ammonia in pet urine, neutralizing any smells.

And just like living grass, you can wash down artificial grass with the hose, if the need arises.

Make the Eco-Friendly Choice

If your home suffers from soggy pools after rainy weather, a custom paver stone backyard may be the solution for your home.

Installing atop a bed of drain rock is a great solution to make your outdoor space magnificent, while also addressing any runoff or flooding issues.

Contact us today to get started on your custom paver backyard for your home now.