Custom Paver Stone Backyard in Roseville

Custom Paver Stone Backyard Built to Impress in Roseville

If you love outdoor entertaining but hate the demanding chores of a typical backyard, artificial turf installation and paver stones are a wonderful solution.

You can enjoy a backyard BBQ with friends and family without a stressful weekend spent primping your yard for the occasion.

This custom paver stone backyard near Sacramento is the perfect blend of form and function—beautiful enough to impress your guests, yet requiring minimal maintenance.

Custom Paver Stone Walkway and Patio

This impressive Roseville, CA home features a custom paver stone backyard.

It boasts 940 sq. ft. of Belgard Cambridge Cobble paver stones in the color Aspen.

This custom paver patio area provides enough space for lawn furniture for a quiet evening outdoors or for several tables and chairs while hosting parties.

Custom Paver Stone Backyard in Roseville

The paver stones set as the walkway add to the charm of the space, giving it much more visual interest than a regular concrete sidewalk.

Paver stones also require less maintenance than concrete; you can replace individual stones when cracks or chips occur, rather than doing the messy, unsightly patching work that concrete requires.

Paver Stone Sitting Wall

An attractive paver stone patio sitting wall crowns the paver stone patio area. It gives height and breaks up the monotony of the mulched area behind.

For yards on a steep slope, retaining walls can double as sitting walls.

Custom Paver Stone Backyard in Roseville

Made from Belgard Shelton Wall and Wall Cap, the sitting wall adds another element of both style and function, since it can also serve as seating.

Put the sitting wall to good use by adding a portable or custom built-in paver stone fire pit, the perfect excuse to enjoy your luxurious backyard on a chilly autumn evening.

Artificial Turf Installation

The custom paver stone walkways are accented by 210 sq. ft. of artificial turf synthetic grass installation.

These lucky homeowners are now free to spend their Saturdays actually enjoying their lawn with their dogs or kids, instead of wasting the weekend mowing, weeding, trimming, fertilizing, and watering the grass.

They enjoy a yard of lush, green grass year round, along with a lower summer water bill.

Artificial turf installs quickly and easily and is a great option for keeping your yard looking beautiful in the heat of the Sacramento summers.

No more uneven or bare spots. Your artificial turf lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Customized Design

Like this backyard? Let us design yours!

Whether your yard is big or small, let us design a stunning custom paver stone backyard with artificial turf installation for you.

Here, at The Paver Company, we offer a large selection of paver stone materials in a rainbow of colors.

Check out our project gallery of Sacramento paver stone landscapes for inspiration, or work with us to create yours from scratch.

Enjoy a luxurious, effortless lawn and yard at an affordable price.

No more hot, cracking, or boring concrete. Say good-bye to weekends wasted on tiresome yard chores, and say hello to effortless elegance!