Custom Paver Stone Backyard and Walkway In Fairfield

Custom Paver Stone Backyard and Walkway In Fairfield

The custom paver stone patio and walkway add elegance to this Fairfield, CA home.

Perfect for a bustling backyard BBQ celebration or a quiet, sunrise breakfast al fresco, this backyard is the ideal place for spending time together with the family.

The custom paver stones create a level space for outdoor furniture while adding an artistic statement of style and personality at the same time; the patio creates the perfect backdrop for a relaxing weekend.

The pattern from the crisp, clean lines and variegated hues of the stones transform a nice backyard into an elegant, inviting space that beckons you to put down your phone and enjoy the Sacramento sunshine.

Belgard Weston Wall Adds Style

Custom Paver Stone Backyard and Walkway In Fairfield

Retaining walls are usually built to hold up a steep slope, prevent erosion, or even to create additional seating options.

For this home, the Belgard Weston Wall in Victorian is purely stylistic.

It transforms a few trees along the fence line to a focal point of the backyard by adding height and emphasis. The wall is a subtle element of the design, but it makes a great visual impact.

Flexibility for Unique Designs

We know that your backyard is as unique as you are, and we are happy to customize your dream backyard to your needs and desires.

This customer requested a very unique shape for their custom paver stone backyard, and The Paver Company delivered.

The square area in the rear corner of the yard serves a multitude of functions: a place for the grill, a stage to display large planter pots or a set-apart spot for a small table and chairs.

This landscape design features the contemporary lines and squares of the Belgard Catalina Grana paver stones and Belgard Avalon Slate border stones, both in the color Victorian.

The paver stones set as the walkway and add to the allure of the space, giving it much more visual interest than an ordinary concrete sidewalk and patio.

Easy Maintenance

Custom Paver Stone Backyard and Walkway In Fairfield

Paver stones are simpler to maintain than concrete; just replace the individual stones when cracks or chips occur.

No messy patching needed. Paver stones also stay much cooler than concrete, making them better suited for walking barefoot in the summer months.

Paver stone walkways are resistant to erosion from runoff and can withstand the heaves from earthquakes or rare Sacramento frosts.

The investment you make in a paver stone backyard will weather the elements and last for many years to come.

Customized Just for You

The best thing about a customized paver stone backyard from The Paver Company is exactly that — it’s customized! Select from a myriad of colors and styles to find the perfect match for your yard and home.

Whether you want a small walkway through different areas of a garden, a large patio for outdoor entertaining, or a multi-tiered pool deck with an outdoor bar, we can plan and implement just about anything you can imagine.

Take a look through our gallery for inspiration, or give us a call for a customized quote.