Custom Paver Stone Driveway & Walkway in the Lovely Area of Helena

Custom Paver Stone Driveway & Walkway in the Lovely Area of Helena

The Sacramento area hosts numerous beauties: mild winters, diversity and cultural richness, and tree-lined, historic neighborhoods.

This gem of a city is not without its dangers, however, not the least of which is the devastating earthquakes. This lovely St. Helena, CA home was damaged by the Napa Earthquake in 2014.

Thanks to a new design and build from The Paver Company, this property was reimagined with 900 sq. ft. of a walkway and over 9500 sq. ft. of custom paver stone driveway.

A Custom Paver Stone Driveway — The Most Inviting of Welcome Mats

Custom Paver Stone Driveway & Walkway in the Lovely Area of Helena

A luxurious home with a personal tennis court demands a more positive first impression than the typical concrete or asphalt driveway.

This 9500 sq. ft. custom paver stone driveway in Cal-Stone Quarry Rustic Yellow acts as a classy and inviting welcome mat for the property.

The inlay in Belgard Avalon Slate in the color Aspen outlines the parking space and adds an element of stylish elegance.

Large Anglia Edge stones subtly but distinctly guide drivers to their parking spaces; the edge stones are much more attractive than a garnish, painted yellow lines, making newcomers feel like guests instead of customers.

Enhancing the Walk through the Woods

Custom Paver Stone Driveway & Walkway in the Lovely Area of Helena

What do you do when your beautiful tennis court is down a steep hill through the woods?

Put in a custom paver stone walkway for ease of access, of course!

This property hosts a new build for this woodland walkway and steps, featuring Basalite Brisa Positano Wall and Step Treads. Paver stones provide great grip on what would otherwise be a precarious path.

The natural look of the stones complements the woodland scenery of this Sacramento landscape; this landscape is a beautiful blending of the natural with the manmade.

The gently ramped paver stone walkway and low steps transform an onerous hike up the property to an enjoyable stroll through the woods.

Paver Stones – a Durable Choice

Custom Paver Stone Driveway & Walkway in the Lovely Area of Helena

Creating a walkway on a steep slope that provides comfort while also enduring nature’s forces — like the expansion and contraction of materials through the heat-and-cold cycle of the seasons, as well as erosion from runoff — is no easy task.

Fortunately, this paver stone walkway is built to tolerate heavy foot traffic and to resist disturbances from Sacramento earthquakes and runoff in rainy weather.

Paver stones do not break or chip easily and unlike normal sidewalks, you can replace individual pavers easily.

You can be confident that the investment you make in the beauty of your outdoor hardscape will withstand the tests of time and the elements.

Has a Sacramento earthquake damaged your hardscape? Give us a call.

Here, at The Paver Company, we can help you restore and reimagine a beautiful outdoor space. Adding paver stone features like a customized walkway, driveway, or fire pit can make your property look better than ever.

We offer paver stones in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. Whether your yard features a luxurious tennis court or a quaint patio, custom paver stones will enhance the allure of your yard.