Custom Paver Stone Front Yard and Artificial Turf Design in Sacramento

Custom Paver Stone Front Yard and Artificial Turf Designed for Homeowners in the Sacramento area

Most people have seen artificial turf installations on football fields, parks, putting greens, or other commercial applications.

What they don’t realize is that there are many reasons to utilize synthetic turf in a residential lawn too.

This Sacramento home was designed with 1200 sq. ft. of artificial grass using the luxurious California Royal 49 Synthetic Turf.

This design also includes Turf-Infill ZEOFill to help keep the grass lasting longer and stronger for the everyday outdoor experience.

The Luxury of Maintenance-Free

Perhaps the most compelling reason to install artificial turf in your lawn is the marked decrease in lawn maintenance it brings.

Say good-bye to mowing, edging, weeding, fertilizing, and watering your grass every weekend.

With those tedious, time-consuming chores out of the picture, you have more time to actually enjoy your lawn.

Custom Paver Stone Front Yard and Artificial Turf Design in Sacramento

An artificial turf installation can save you money too, as you no longer need to buy or store expensive lawn tools or gas/electricity to power them. (Hello, extra garage space!)

Your water bill will also be much lower than it was with a grass lawn, especially in the hot, Sacramento summer.

With synthetic turf, there are no bugs, moles, or bare spots either.

Great for straight edges or curved spaces, artificial turf gives you all of the benefits of cushy, green grass under your feet without any of the drawbacks.

The Durability and Realism of Synthetic Turf

California Royal 49 Synthetic Turf comes with a 15-year warranty and is designed to withstand the heavy use from homeowners and the guests, kids, and pets that a living lawn would have.

Designed for Californians by Californians, this artificial grass is specifically created to mimic the species of grass typically grown in the Sacramento area.

Your lawn will blend in perfectly with your neighbor’s.

This design for this home also includes Turf-Infill ZEOFill on the artificial grass.

The infill is small crumbles of rubber, sand, or another substance that is spread on artificial grass to provide cushion for foot traffic and keep the blades standing upright.

Infill also protects the backing of the synthetic turf from harmful ultraviolet sunlight.

 Can Pet Owners use Artificial Turf?

Sure, synthetic grass stands up to the wear and tear of intense foot traffic, and never withers or dries up in the heat of summer.

But what if dogs, cats, or other pets use the lawn? How does that work?

One typical problem with infill occurs in yards where pets use the lawn as a litter box.

The ammonia from pet urine can build up, causing an unpleasant smell. ZeoFill, however, is specially designed to neutralize pet odors by locking in the ammonia, then releasing it when washed away with rainwater.

ZeoFill is made from 100% natural substances and is safe for pets.

A Variety of Uses

Whether it’s a stubborn strip of grass that won’t grow in a shady area or your entire backyard, artificial turf installation can solve a variety of problems.

Paired with a custom paver stone walkway, artificial turf creates a stunning effect for any landscape.