Elaborate Custom Paver Stone Walkway in Lincoln

Elaborate Custom Paver Stone Walkway in Lincoln: A Stunning Custom Paver Stone Walkway For a Stunning View

What good is a stellar view overlooking the beauty of the Sacramento area if a boring, ho-hum yard in front of it distracts you?

The breathtaking city view of this Lincoln, CA home was enhanced with 957 sq. ft. of custom paver stone walkway and backyard design and build.

The lines and curves of the footpath naturally guide viewers’ eyes, leading them to the stunning overlook that is the crowning feature this yard has to offer.

Beautiful Materials and a Cohesive Design

Elaborate Custom Paver Stone Walkway in Lincoln

The Plaza Stone paver stones of this walkway are etched with square and rectangle designs, giving an additional element of texture and variation.

The elegant, light Abronzo finish provides a striking contrast to the dark mulch used in the shrub and flower beds.

Because the Abronzo color matches the original color of the house and pillars, the custom paver stone pathway appears to be a part of the original design of the house.

This custom paver stone walkway stretches around this Lincoln, CA home, finishing off by the backyard and side yard.

The walkway gives a cohesive look throughout the yard and ties together different elements of the space, such as the different flowerbeds, fence, and pillars.

The organic curves and shapes created by the walkway are beautiful, inviting, and anything but boring — a spectacular meeting of the natural and the manmade.

The custom paver stone walkway practically begs you and your guests to relax and go on a stroll all the way through the garden, showcasing each element on the way.

Built to Last

Elaborate Custom Paver Stone Walkway in Lincoln

This walkway is built to tolerate the heavy foot traffic from homeowners, guests, children, and pets that a path through a beautiful garden is likely to receive.

Built to resist disturbances from Sacramento earthquakes, paver stone walkways from The Paver Company do not break or chip easily.

Unlike traditional concrete, individual stones are easily and inexpensively replaced.

You can be confident that the investment you make in the beauty of your backyard will pay dividends for years to come.

Is a Custom Paver Stone Walkway Right for your Backyard?

Elaborate Custom Paver Stone Walkway in Lincoln

If you haven’t considered adding a custom paver stone walkway to your backyard, check out our wide variety of designs and applications for paving stones in our custom paver stone project gallery.

Our selection of custom paver stones come in a variety of colors and textures.

They come in brick and stone finishes, as well as different sizes and shapes.

You can rest assured we offer color and texture options to complement the existing structures and elements of your home and yard.

At The Paver Company, we have been serving homes and yards in the Sacramento area since 2015, customizing walkways, retaining walls, pool decks, and custom paver stone driveways to meet the constraints and desires of our customers.

Do you have a grand design in your head, but don’t see anything that quite fits the needs of your individual space? Contact us for a quote.

We would be happy to plan with you to add the beauty, durability, and charm of a paver stone walkway to your backyard.