Belgard Cambridge Cobble Paver Stone Poolside and Fire Pit

Belgard Cambridge Cobble Paver Stone Poolside and Fire Pit in Granite Bay

Located in the heart of Granite Bay, CA, we installed a Belgard Cambridge Cobble Paver Stone poolside patio in the beautiful Bella color.

There is no better way to spend a hot, Sacramento summer than in the pool, and there is no better way to showcase a crystal-clear backyard pool than with poolside deck paver stones.

Stylish Lines and Curves

Although straight lines are common for rectangular pool decks, the concentric curves of this pool deck design give a natural, organic feel to this space.

The large concrete lower tier of the pool deck is perfect for lounging on a reclining patio chair to soak up some rays and contain the splashes of poolside shenanigans.

The upper tier (featuring the paver stone patio area) adds beautiful colors and patterns to the pool deck and creates separate, recessed areas for onlookers to enjoy the pool while staying dry in a splash-free zone.

This upper tier features Belgard Cambridge custom paving stones in three sizes.

The variation in size creates a striking pattern and much more texture than a simple, repeated pattern of the same size blocks would — a subtle way to dress up this space.

An added inlay would take the refinement and artistry of a pool deck to the next level.

Paver Stones for Life-long Durability

Beyond adding style and charm to the pool, the custom paving stones add lifelong durability as well.

Paving stones do not heat up as much as concrete, so they do not crack or chip as often. Individual stones are repaired easily without the need for messy, ugly patching work.

Built to last, poolside deck paver stones are up to withstand the heavy, flip-flop foot traffic this pool is sure to receive.

The backyard also includes a paver stone retaining wall with Belgard Freestanding Highland Wall Stones and Wall Cap in the beautiful Bella finish.

The wall provides the perfect backdrop to show off a well-kept shrub and flower beds.

This paver stone retaining wall withstands the erosion-prone steep slope behind, but you would never know that was its primary function as it adds so much style and height to the yard.

A Fire Pit for All Seasons

This outdoor experience isn’t complete without the FireGear Stonewall fire pit just strides away from the Cambridge poolside patio.

Pools are meant to be used, and the warmth added by a timeless fire pit extends the time you can use your pool by providing a place to warm up and dry off after a cool dip.

Even after pool season is long over, enjoying a fireside soiree with friends and family (complete with toasted marshmallows and hot cocoa, of course) is the perfect way to utilize your custom paver stone pool deck during the mild Sacramento winters.

The fire pit is the ultimate element of functional beauty and year-round versatility.

Pools come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations, so our selection of poolside deck paving stones are no different.

In almost every imaginable color and hue, these custom paving stones are sure to dress up your pool and provide a lifetime of enjoyment of a durable, beautiful pool deck.