Paver Stone Walkway, Patio & Synthetic Turf For Roseville Home

Paver Stone Walkway, Patio & Synthetic Turf Design & Custom Installation For Roseville Home

New to the neighborhood in Sacramento?

There is a no better time to design and install a custom paver stone backyard or artificial grass than right after you move into a brand-new house.

With no concrete, stumps, or plants to remove, installation is quick and easy.

For this Roseville, CA home, 1441 sq. ft. of backyard walkway and patio and 460 sq. ft. of synthetic turf were installed in a snap.

A Homey Outdoor Space for Your New Home

Paver Stone Walkway, Patio & Synthetic Turf For Roseville Home

Perfect for barbecuing and entertaining, this stunning patio creates a fabulous first impression on your guests.

The paver stone patio provides enough level space for tables and chairs. Add a grill, some burgers, and a few friends and neighbors, and you have the perfect outdoor celebration.

After all, a backyard this classy merits its own housewarming party!

This custom paver stone patio features Belgard Catalina Grana paver stones in three sizes.

The variation in the size and color of the stone produces a unique, artistic texture, adding visual interest and breaking up the large space. The natural Toscana color blends perfectly with the color of the house, creating a cohesive look for the entire property.

The Belgard Weston wall stones edge the patio area and accent the flowerbeds on the side of the yard. Because this home is brand new, the beds are empty in the pictures, but they are brimming with potential!

The Durability of Paver Stones

Paver stones are a great financial investment for your yard, especially in a brand-new home.

Paver stones endure erosion and foot traffic well and unlike normal concrete patios, you can replace individual paver stones easily if a crack or chip occurs.

Artificial Grass – Quick, Easy Installation

Paver Stone Walkway, Patio & Synthetic Turf For Roseville Home

Synthetic turf installation is easier and cleaner than the messy work of laying sod for your new lawn. You are much more certain to enjoy the result with synthetic turf; with sod, you can only water the lawn, cross your fingers, and hope that it takes.

This home features Bel Aire 94 Turf, a top-of-the-line artificial grass selection that is designed to withstand the heavy traffic of playgrounds and commercial landscaping.

We added Wonderful as the infill, which features an antimicrobial coating, making the lawn resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Your children and pets won’t care about those features, of course.

They will be too busy running around, playing bocce or catching a Frisbee, all the while relishing the feeling the plush, cushy grass under their feet and paws.

New Home, New Yard

Paver Stone Walkway, Patio & Synthetic Turf For Roseville Home

Are you moving to a new home in the Sacramento area? Don’t wait for the weeds to spring up!

Call The Paver Company for a free quote, and we can help you design your dream yard to complement your dream home, and we can ensure it moves in when you do.

Even if you have lived in the Sacramento area for years, our custom paver stone walkways and patios can spark new life into a tired, boring backyard.

Browse through our paver stone project gallery of our happy customers’ homes to inspire design for your space.

Or, give us a call and let our experts help you design the perfect paver stone backyard for your home.