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Retaining Wall concrete block and Pavers for Your Landscape in Sacramento

Concrete Block Retaining Walls

When your lawn has a hill or a slope, it can be hard to know what to do with your landscape. Erosion is a major landscaping problem in hilly areas such as Sacramento, CA, and you may plant a tree only to find its roots exposed after several years, once the dirt has washed downhill through many rains.

One popular solution that many homeowners in the Sacramento, CA area choose is concrete block retaining walls combined with a paver stone walkway which creates terraces of flat ground that stair step down your property. Paver stones and concrete block from The Paver Company are the perfect material for this. Our paver stones are strong and sturdy, and they come in a variety of colors and textures, so you are certain to find one to fit your design needs exactly.

Retaining Wall Durability and Stability

Custom Concrete lock Retaining Wall

If you have driven around the Sacramento area much, you may have noticed older homes with retaining walls that have not aged well. They may have buckled in the middle with the weight of the ground pushing against them, or they may have partially fallen down from the top.

This is easily avoidable with simple installation techniques, and you can be sure that the installation experts at The Paver Company will provide you with a retaining wall that will last for many years. Simply placing re-bar vertically through the horizontal layers of retaining wall pavers will prevent your wall from buckling or falling, as the paving stones will not be able to slip against each other.

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If you have an existing retaining wall which is beginning to buckle in this way, do not hesitate to call us for a quote on concrete block retaining walls, driveway pavers or walkway pavers. It is easier and less expensive to repair a retaining wall when it is just beginning to show damage, than when the damage is already extensive.

In addition, if your retaining wall on your Sacramento, CA property is already beginning to buckle, it is probably not reinforced, and would benefit from being reinforced even in the places where it appears stable. This is a case in which prevention is better than cure, and the retaining wall paving stone experts at The Paver Company can help you prevent damage to your existing retaining wall before it even starts.

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