Elegant Stairs & Step Pavers in Sacramento


In the rolling hills of Sacramento, CA, many walkways and pathways require stairs and stair steps to walk on comfortably, and this is easily achieved with paver stones from The Paver Company. Instead of having to make a form in which to pour concrete to make stairs for a concrete walkway, our walkway pavers are easy to install and provide a sophisticated and elegant look for your Sacramento home.

We offer Many Different Shapes and Sizes


Our stairs and step pavers come in many different colors and textures, so that you can have the look of natural stone, brick, cobblestone, or many other varieties of designs for your stairs and walkways.

If your lawn has a steep incline to it and you are not certain what to do for your landscaping, never fear: paving stones from The Paver Company of Sacramento are also great for retaining walls to build terraces. In fact, with retaining walls made from paver stones, your soil will get better drainage and your plants will be healthier as well.

Other benefits of retainer walls are that they make convenient mini-pathways to walk along when you want to work on your garden, and they create a pre-existing layout of flower beds to use in your landscaping. All this is possible with paver stones from The Paver Company making your stairs and steps.

Landscaping With Paving Stone Steps


One of the most essential elements of landscaping is the distribution and separation of the areas of your yard or lawn for different decorative items. You may separate using paths or paved walkways, you may lay it out in neat squares like an English garden, or you may let your flower beds spill over into each other, creating a lush flower-jungle look.

Whatever your outdoor decorating style may be, The Paver Company can help you reach your dream. Our paver stones are perfect for building low concrete block retaining walls dividing the sections of your garden, and of course they are perfect for making steps and small stairways through your yard. These stairways will appear far more decorative than simple concrete stairs, and being easier to install and extremely affordable, it is obvious why paver stairs from The Paver Company are such a popular choice. Call us today for an estimate!

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