Putting Green

Putting Greens are a Hit at Parties

If you are looking for a great way to entertain your friends and family at your Sacramento, CA home, we have exactly what you need with our putting greens at The Paver Company! Our putting greens are made from our excellent artificial grass, meaning that they will look great for years with no maintenance whatsoever. You will be able to enjoy practicing your putting skills without worrying about mowing, fertilizer, or weeds, and your friends and family will love to come over to do some putting with you! Our expert designers at The Paver Company can help you determine the layout and design of putting green that will work perfectly with your Sacramento, CA home.

Never worry again about how to entertain your guests or yourself – outdoor games are the perfect way for people to bond and socialize, and with a putting green from The Paver Company, you can be sure to have the perfect place for your guests to play year round! While natural grass putting greens can easily become too dry or too muddy depending on the weather, oursynthetic grass putting greens are perfect to play on, even if it has just recently been raining. We focus on giving you the perfect springy texture and bright green color with our putting greens, so you can focus on relaxing and perfecting your stroke.

Synthetic Putting Greens are Easy on the Environment in Sacramento

How do you think that golf courses keep their natural grass putting greens that brilliant shade of green all year? They put tons of chemical fertilizers and pesticides on them, and they water them every day, no matter how bad the drought. At The Paver Company, we believe in being easy on the environment, and we think that there is no reason to leech chemicals into the soil or waste water in a dry climate when you could have a perfectly soft, springy, and bright green putting green without ever having to spray a bottle of chemicals or set up a water sprinkler again! Your synthetic turf putting green will be the envy of the neighborhood, and you may find yourself hosting golf parties thanks to your beautiful green from The Paver Company! Call us today for more information and for an estimate.

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