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Have Beautiful Landscaping Year Round with Synthetic Turf

Artificial Turf & Paver Walkway

Many homeowners in the Sacramento, CA area have become quite imaginative at designing landscaping options that can withstand the dryness of a California summer and still look beautiful. Some choose cactus gardens, some use rocks and gravel instead of grass, and many plant grass and simply try to make it last as long and as well as possible even with the odds. One excellent option for the Sacramento, CA homeowner and landscaper is synthetic turf.

You can have a lush-looking, perfectly green lawn all year round with no maintenance whatsoever with synthetic turf. In addition, synthetic turf from The Paver Company is designed to be soft underfoot, so that you, your family, and your guests can enjoy going barefoot on your lawn – a luxury not often possible in the height of summer on a natural lawn!

While natural turf gets hard and scratchy as the grass dies and dries out, synthetic turf retains its texture and springiness, making it perfect for the area around patios, under swing sets, and even on a putting green. Your neighbors will be asking you what your secret is for your gorgeous lawn, especially when they see you relaxing outside instead of ever mowing your yard.

Synthetic Turf for Convenient Up keep

Artificial Turf & Paver Walkway

One of the most common things our customers tell us, when talking about how much they love their synthetic turf from The Paver Company, is the fact that they do not have to work to maintain it at all. In the midst of growing season, a natural lawn needs to be mowed as much as once a week.

At The Paver Company, we know you work hard at your job all week, and the last thing you want when you finally get a day off is to spend it doing hard, sweaty chores. That is why our products are geared toward making your yard easier to care for, with tools such as synthetic turf.

It may be obvious that artificial grass does not grow, but many people do not think about how many hours that will save them in mowing. Then once you factor in the time it would take to water a natural lawn, and all the other upkeep that a natural lawn takes, such as edging, weeding, and fertilizing, synthetic turf from The Paver Company becomes the obvious choice.

Synthetic Lawns Sacramento

Artificial Turf & Grass Lawn

We specialize in synthetic and artificial front and back lawns that your family can enjoy year round without costly watering, expensive and environmentally unfriendly pesticides and fertilizers; not to mention the high cost of maintenance! If you maintain it yourself, now your time is free to do other things that you actually enjoy or if you’ve been paying someone to take care of your lawn, now you can spend that money on yourself or others!

Custom Putting Greens Sacramento

Putting Green

Keep your game in shape in the comfort of your own back yard! Every golfer knows, “you drive for show and putt for dough”! So keep your dough in your pocket when on the greens with this fun and environmentally friendly synthetic putting green.  Great for every day practice and a real hit at parties and gatherings.  Fun for the whole family!

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